how to increase net speed in jio :- trick 2019

How to fast internet speed

Hello friends, Tech Sikho’s Tips & Trick, I welcome you all once again by the heart of Chandan Kumar. friends who are going to talk to u today. How to Net Fast in your mobile phone. Read this post to complete Net Fast. Related to Tech, that’s how your Net Fast runs. So friends, whoever is giving you tips. She is very easy and useful. Yes, friends are very easy. And it is very easy. So let us now know what to do and how to do it. Let’s get started.

Friends, it is also a problem with you that when you use Net in Mobile, your Net Slow becomes. Then friends will have your problem resolved after setting one. Yes, your Net will be running fast in only one setting, you will not be convinced that how fast my Net is running. In the last two years, internet prices have decreased evenly. There is no change in the speed of internet yet. GHO friends are still in the same situation after coming to live. You do not understand how to increase the speed of your mobile. So let’s get to know friends today. Which method should be adopted when the net slows down.

To fast the net, follow two steps.

1 .) step  :-  (Aeroplane Mode) Friends, sometimes due to some technical flaws, our phone can not catch Networking Frequency. Because of which Net Speed ​​is affected. Because of this, you may have to face Net Slow. So what do you have to do in this. First of all, let’s put your Mobile in the Airoplane Mode. That is to turn on the Airplane Mode. Yes, friends can solve your problem by doing this. Once you have Net Slow in Mobile, first of all, do this setting.

2.) step :- Cache File is one. After the continuous use of Mobile, Cache File, we have got some unnecessary file unified in our mobile. This problem occurs only after using the net usage. This is a type of Virus. So your Net becomes very slow. We know this by the name of Cache File. You do not clear it in your Mobile for a long time. So what is the speed of your net. It will decrease if your net speed slows down, do not forget to clear the Cache file once it is cleansed. Many times our application in Mobile also affects Internet Speed. Friends who are less mb application. The same you install in your mobile, you will benefit greatly, your mobile will also run faster and Internet will also run fast.

Do not download this kind of application and be cautious. And run your mobile phone in High Spped. Friends, this trick has worked a lot and I will advise you that you must use this trick at once. And do not forget to cooperate with us.

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