free texting app without wifi or internet :- trick 2019

Free texting app without wifi or internet

Friends, today we will talk about how to create your own application. Yes, friends, today we are going to talk about this topic, how can you create your application without any coding, first of all, know that what you will gain by creating an application. If you create your own application. So you can earn millions by sitting at home. Yes, friends can earn millions by sitting at home. Read this post complete.

Friends today is the era of smart phone. And your smart phone will get a lot of features and the feature is not there. So you go to the play store and download it. Use that app. If you have to go, Ola download the cab’s app. If you have to order food then also download the app for it. If you have to chat with a girl, then download the app for that too. The company is making millions of crores by making such an app. You can also make millions by making an app and uploading it to the play store or itune. You can also create your own store or chatting or you can create some kind of app yourself. And money can earn if you have your own website, then you can convert that website to an app too. Let us know that too, it is absolutely free and without any coding. How to create an app.

Hello friends, Tech Sikho‘ Tech News, all of you welcome Chandan Kumar once again. So friends who are going to talk to u today. That is to create an app without coding. You can create an app by yourself. You do not have to work hard for this. And you will be able to get the app ready for yourself and earn money by uploading this app in the play store. So read this post to the last to create an app from yourself.

First of all, friends are going to tell you about a website where you can create an application from yourself and link to that website can be found in this post also. You can click on that link.  ( In this you will find lots of information related to appypie. This is very much an app builder. But this appypie website appypie is at first number. There are lots of apps ready from this website.

first click on this link to create an app ( and then click get start. So first of all you want to make the app. The name of that app is to be entered and after that the category is to be selected. There will be a lot of categories in it and the preview can also be changed. If you want to use on a smart phone. Then you can select it and then click on next. After clicking on next you will get an option if you have a Facebook page. Then you can enter its user id, you can also skip it. Then you have to click on next. After you are done, you will have to choose a desing, how to show your application. For this one will have to choose the layout. After you have finished, you will see the preview yourself. And then you have to do it again. After doing a little more work. In this you have to click on the add page and you will find many features to add. After adding, you can preview and watch it. How is your app made. And you will get the option of customize. You can also customize that application.

When your app is ready, click on save and continue. Then you will get the option of sing up or login. If you have a Facebook id then enter your id and login it. After login, you have to plan a plan. In it, you will get lots of features, like wanting to enjoy the premium, you can also select it. Otherwise you will get a free option too, you can do it to him and finally you will get the app building process started. You will have to wait 10 minutes for this. After that you can download. And share that app too. If you have a smart phone then you can get the link below, you can download it from it.

So friends, this trick is very simple and very useful and let me know that with the help of this site you can easily create an application.

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