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Our Approach

In our website Tech Sikho you will be given daily new technical news related to new ways mobile and computer. And we will give you the right and the necessary news.

We have divided this website into three categories. One of which is Tips & tricks where you will be given tips and tricks related to mobile and computer. He is in second place. Tech news where you will be able to see a new post everyday which will be related to Tech. The only other topic that we are going to talk about is Application Review.

Our Story

I am Chandan kumar, a resident of the small town of Bihar, whose name is Dehri-On-Sone. Friends, I tell you that I am the Mechanical engg. And now I have created a blog that wants to give all the information related to the technical. And I hope that you will support me and give me your love.

Meet the Team

My name is Chandan Kumar and I myself am operating this website. And as far as the matter belongs to our team, then it is all yours. That’s where I get information. So I share that information with you.

Friends, if you are with us, then the day will come when you will be able to see some other people’s names. And as far as I’ll help you.
tech sikho
My name is Chandan Kumar I am a blogger and I want to bring some new and informative information among all of you. Which can benefit you.
tech sikho
My Team
Yes, friends are all of you, then this is our website and we get encouragement that we do the same thing. And bring new news related to new technology to you.

Next Steps...

I will operate this website in such a way that you and I will not go anywhere. And I also hope that you will like it.